Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Onofre

We had the most beautiful day at the beach yesterday...Thomas and I. Yes the nude beach - on the down side of the palisade cliffs from Camp Pendleton - just beyond the San Onofre power plant - just south of San Clemente - Nixon's old west coast White House locale. It is said by some to be the most beautiful nude beach on the west coast...(San Clemente Chamber of Commerce - no less ). I would believe it. We got naked and made love on our blanket under the warm energizing sun. I love how Thomas is with me - in this quasi public arena. His ability to focus - to touch me with the most exquisite attention - to move into a deeply primal connected flow - enhanced by the sound of waves and the supercharge of the sun - and the unexplainable joy excitement that comes with being possibly watched - by others. Oh yes - we were. I had one particularly powerful orgasm that caused my voice to ring out - you know - in that can't be stifled can't be held in - orgasmic roar that sometimes rises up with a power of its own... and of course I own it. Allowing it to play me - riding it - a wave of power - that when you lie on the beach - with hot thick cock thrusting into you - and you know that there may be other men and women watching - the charge just gets amplified. Yes - so when I came - someone applauded - and it made me come even stronger and wider and longer and wilder. Here he is in his power - taking stride - his powerful striding stroking cocking diving into my stronghold of deep feminine. Ride me - ride me up he does. I literally feel connected to the earth - to the sand beneath my back. I feel myself as an extension of that powerful life giving - living Gaia..... mother earth - we feel her mirth at the beach. Thomas loves being the guy with the hot woman that he is astride. And I love to let it all loose - to feel the sun's warm lighted strokes on my labia.

Opening to Eros

Eros has ripped me
rapid for years

Eros rapacious in me
devouring my attention
consuming my reflective capacity

Never did voice nor thought
enter in --
enter in to disrupt
his having a way with me
his way.

Eros sped - fled with certainty
through my precious flesh
Eros - wicked penetration
that gave no rest

Galloped through my flesh
taking me by storm
taking me to
exposure and vulnerability

There leaves me ravaged
and destroyed
flattened in his wake

A tornado of passion
that sucked me in
and spit me out

Eros on the rampage
Yes, I a woman crazed
in your clutch.

Yes, yes, I scream
it is too much
just too much
as I fall into the
the universe
of my ecstasy

I am drowned in
orgasmic pleasure
I am devoured by you Eros
dredged in your sublime

I beg from rest...
I beg for your gentleness
of great repose

Of your nudgling nose
nestling my ear
my left nostril
gentled inhales your
nose warmed breath

I rest...
graced with your
wetted skin on mine
devastated in the beauty
of your attention
devastated in the
love of your Peace

I rest...
Eros ravaged
and raw
I rest.