Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thick & Buttery

I had this super FAT
Orgasm with you
the other night.

Yeah thick and
Buttery it was.
With a remarkable Sweet.

It was a superhighway
of an orgasm
that drove
up through the center of my being
Through the center cord of my physical form.

My clit
was what started it
and all the electrical
Power Vibrating through it.
This was the point of ignition.

Your cock thrusting deep
was the storm of my volition
a wave of power to Ride
Good Ride
Oh, Good Good Ride
deep and long
building wave of power drive
deep power of Man
Solid Thrust in me
And the ignition Began

oh my god
Oh MY God
I yell as
the Pulses Build
The pressure cranks up
The press so hard
so hard the cunt walls cry with the want
the want walls that grab you
grab your cock
and suck you in
with wetted vacuum grip
an implosion of will driven desire
fusion out of deepest yearn turns
to a white glowed sun and ignites
like a diamond under pressured heat
the spark - ignites - I start the ride;

An irresistible tide...
I yell My God, My God it is
So Sweet
So Sweet
It is the Wide Fat Sweet One
so rare
so rare
this orgasm comes
the Wide Fat Sweet One -
MY God!
It comes!

I allow the whole fabric
of me to surrender to the ignited flow

God its Gold - hot Gold of Buttery Hue
As it drives on through.
It drives up hard and wide
So Wide -
My God - it has never been so Wide before
and so powerful Sweet.
My God - the driven current fueled by your rhythm

Pounding cock
a relentless flow drives up
through my form
a compelling golden hot sweetness
that as a lava flows
powered from furnace below
clears the central channel of my being.

Drives up - up
Up from my belly
to my heart
and then to my head

The super highway
the central channel
Power Glowed
Our Orgasms
Merged into One
I don't know when...
your voice
your groan...
somewhere echoes

Yes, Yes you make me cum
I am one with you in this
After our final power burst
The fount of Bliss
doth burst its full fountain
from my head.
Your hands
the hands of God
golden energy laden
Touches of Love
penetrate my flesh
Your hands find my breast

We tumble down
in laughter and gracious
appreciative mirth

Wow that was the
Buttery Orgasm
available on Earth.

Logos & Eros

Language is slippery

Words constitute and erode
like the life of an orgasm.

Taking shape
rising up intensely
a crest
some understanding penetrates
dispelling until
the next wave
then maybe a rest

Defying capture
Language and Orgasms

Just wrap my words
around an orgasm
and see what lives
in my reader

Some alchemical
dance between
reader and word
on a page

The page ignited
by the gaze
somethings taken in,
transported to the limb

Dionysian Pulse:
somehow enters in,
I want to fuck
when I read your poem

Mmmmm I say that’s
a good moan
a most desired response.
That poem’s got it.
It's alive.

Dance with me reader
Grind into my words
Dithyrambic satisfaction
All round sounds

Somethings heard.
then slips away.

The Champagne of Words

I lie in your bed
whisperings from the eve before
echoing in my mind
overwhelmed and in awe
over the sacredness and majesty of your words.
- Words -
such - valiant messengers -
such - powerful containers -
energy packets of concentrated spirit.

I am pleased that these packets of joy
can burst on my morning mind
like the orgasms you ignited in me
the night before:

The trajectory
of my orgasm
like champagne
works its way
from the bottom
of the cup
and up up up
and bursting
at the surface
exploding its jubilance