Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Logos & Eros

Language is slippery

Words constitute and erode
like the life of an orgasm.

Taking shape
rising up intensely
a crest
some understanding penetrates
dispelling until
the next wave
then maybe a rest

Defying capture
Language and Orgasms

Just wrap my words
around an orgasm
and see what lives
in my reader

Some alchemical
dance between
reader and word
on a page

The page ignited
by the gaze
somethings taken in,
transported to the limb

Dionysian Pulse:
somehow enters in,
I want to fuck
when I read your poem

Mmmmm I say that’s
a good moan
a most desired response.
That poem’s got it.
It's alive.

Dance with me reader
Grind into my words
Dithyrambic satisfaction
All round sounds

Somethings heard.
then slips away.

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